Tyne Keilder Release Information Improved

OK you are travelling up to fish OR you’ve arrived and the sun is beating down its all over …or maybe not ?

Whatever the case we need water or should we restate salmon/sea trout need water and sea trout to run the Tyne !

Well on the Tyne we are quite lucky in that the huge reservoir at the head of North Tyne is fed from the west and guess what, it rains a great deal more there than the NE which contrary to accepted wisdom is rather dry compared to most of the UK .

The kind people of the EA have now supplied us with a swag of data : HERE

So what does this mean …hmmm ok if there is little water then 15 cubic metres is excellent or above!
However should the river already be up a foot or so really 10 is about enough and any more really not good.
The releases are subject to change so if its pouring in the West keep your fingers crossed.


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