Guests out on the beat

A week back Barry Mitchell our casting guru and guide took his first tentative steps into Dead Tree under my poor guidance and Kielder decided lets just add to a decent to heavy flow by adding more! So Barry got a bit of a soaking and fortunately no harm came of it. On the same day John M had his first few hours on the beat and enjoyed the water. No fish nothing seen.
Yesterday the 14th March Barry returned and enjoyed sublime conditions and saw some early sea trout racing through! Only a few hours on the beat so far this year…everyone has been busy helping with a lot of work on the Estate.
It looks like the good conditions will continue so some fish may be forthcoming …just need some rods to get in and get after them.
Barry N will be offering some of the local experts his take on the beat and he has somewhat of a reputation for putting people into fish. Its possible if your booking he may be able to spare some time to help rods new or even experienced to understand the wiles of the river.
IF you fancy some quality spring fishing call me 07733389474 John R

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