Summer Rods “It’s either hot or its not !”

From June to the end of July at the time of writing it would be great to say that all the clients had fantastic fishing! The truth is that a terrific run of fish is coming through and even yesterday evening many fish were passing up through the pump stream mainly salmon. Fish are regularly getting caught and we still have some spaces if you get in quickly August and October call me on 07733389474 but don’t delay.

So what is the story of early summer so far ?

The weather as usual had a great impact on the teams getting out to enjoy the estate. In June we had very few bookings only two parties out ! As this is our first year of opening up the estate to new faces we knew it would take time for word to spread and we think all indications suggest things will continue well. 2018 will be very popular!
Sadly Roger Naish and Roger Craigs teams did their utmost to get connected but had to deal with unusual conditions with temperatures well above average which put the fish down. There were a lot of fish in there. They are a charming group and full of smiles I really hoped that the weather would let up and it did …after they left dammit!
A few of us fished the river very lightly in June between doing a lot of improvements on the estate and when the river had a bit of colour we struck lucky and some very decent fish were caught. Christopher Porter popped in for an evening and caught an absolute beauty. So as June progressed a few lovely fish were caught and a real whopper estimated to be 35lb plus lost by David Corcoron it was very lightly fished.
In early July Dom Fairman’s party had to cancel and luckily , David the Elk and Boz took the beat.
We had some rain so things turned out pretty good , day one with our guide Barry Mitchell they had fish on but nothing on the bank! Day two great news and fish taking and landed !

Boz got into the act following Elks cracking salmon estimated 16-17lb.
Phil Adams an owner of the beat downstream got a party on the river and by heck did they have a cracking few days !
Fish were on , off pulls , fish showing and then it all started to happen here is an article in the Scottish Sun which tells its own story :

Next up a great local team led by Danny Jacobson , Eddie and Decca decided to get stuck in and whilst it was not easy fishing they lost a few but landed some lovely fish ! In in all a great time was had and Danny caught one that looked fresh from Greenlands rich feeding grounds :

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