Settle Down Please !

We experienced challenging conditions in August and at the time of writing the river has settled at last. It was a period of variable weather and at times the river came up and down in hours making fishing challenging. The good news was the quality of runs and size of fish being witnessed.
We had a variety of clients out and about enjoying the estate keen to connect. at the end of July Luke O and his team got into some , well done ! Danny J , Decca and Eddie minus Alfie the worlds fastest swimming dog. Danny started proceedings with an excellent fish and then Decca caught two more and thanks to Barry N for some stylish casting tips. Eddie hit home with a fish to round of their trip, it was not easy as the river was up and down.
Thanks must go to Robert W QC for taking some lets where gaps had appeared. His perseverance and the friends he invited had lots of fun some fishing the place for the first time. Robert has the largest of the year currently 26-27lb returned caught on the Jolly Roger a tube fly that’s racking up salmon , time to tie a few more and thanks to Barry N.
Bobby B and his family arrived early August. Farnley are delighted to welcome families and what a friendly team they were! Particularly impressive the little ones and their safety gear and nets definitely ones to watch for the future. Everyone including Bobbies Mum and father in law caught salmon so well done !
Robert W hit the estate again and his guests including Phil G connected , I had a cast or two and connected but it was not my day as I generously shook the fish off for his clients to catch. Dom F and Dave the Elk joined Robert late August and the river was on the high side so not easy , Elk borrowed Doms rod and would you believe hooked into a beast but got it as he handed the rod back the fish saw its chance and goodbye! As the team had lunch Danny J caught a fish well into the twenties I nearly ate my hand, Robert recounted that Elks face told a tale..Dom tipped out his fly box and searched for the one ….the battle had commenced ‘lunch is for wimps’ ! The day after the guys hit the road Barry N caught 2 lost others and Robert W landed a lovely fish, the river had settled.
Neil W and his gang set after their quarry in earnest and great characters they are , the captain Neil landed a absolute beauty , river in good order fish about but the sun beat down from time to time making it a tough assignment.
Finally on the river today on their last day the Anthony T team are absolutely feasting on the beat, good catches every day and a corking double fisher sea trout. Two of the party are new to the sport and are really excelling, many thanks to Neil Lobban who has been guiding and instructing well done !
Thanks also to Barry Mitchell who has been helping clients and in August invited some amazing fishing folk from Scotland and Northumberland. I witnessed such sportsmanship on that day and exquisite casting they also caught a lot of salmon , have to say Barry I think was top rod but these were fly fishers of the highest order. Jamie your
casting was a work of art !
Some pictures from late July and early August if I’ve missed yours apologies and I’m inundated with the most amazing pictures!

the A Team !

Well done the Scottish and Northumbrian fishing , casting , fly tying men. A magnificent fight and beautiful fish in its twenties from Dead Tree with help from the team! Danny gets a lovely twenty plus boy what a fight and safely returned , thanks Decca well netted !! We had a relative of a famous ex London Mayor and leadership contender on site to witness it all he left us all thinking with some wise words !
“There is no point in wasting any more moral or mental energy in being jealous of the very rich. They are no happier than anyone else; they just have more money. We shouldn’t bother ourselves about why they want all this money, or why it is nicer to have a bath with gold taps. How does it hurt me, with my 20-year-old Toyota, if somebody else has a swish Mercedes? We both get stuck in the same traffic.”

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