Autumn Bliss

A warm sunny day here in late September in West London and the texts are in…. already 3 fish on this fine Thursday and its only 12.30. Barry N and Robert W are having a fine time river has a little more sparkle in and the weather is benign.
Its been a great week so far and I think John M is going to probably drown me at Upper Caberston in October because it is his week..sorry John promise I’ll land a few soon.
Back up to the Estate and in somewhat of a hurry given all the excitement. The action has been at times incredible ! 10 fish one day and its all too easy or so it seems. On the day in question Robert W’s guests had all the action and Robert only a sea trout. The truth is no one put a foot wrong, yet the fish were suddenly on and it was a day of crazy periods of fish slashing at the flies , getting on..shaking off and some yes some landed and released. Good fish in all and up to the mid twenties … nearly all cock fish.
Looking back a week ago Chris Porters team had a great time and really enjoyed their fishing, Barry Mitchell was on hand to witness the thrills and spills including we estimate a 12lb sea trout pictured below.
John M hit the beat on the 11th Sept and his friends had a lovely time for two of the days one day in particular pretty spectacular …the last day was washed off but the two other days more than made up for it ! As he said on his email ‘ 6.30 the river was perfect had breakfast and it was up two feet and the colour of coffee’..Thanks for a great time and reserve next year (my guess is they were too exhausted haha)
2018 is Done !
John had a few :

Chris B and his family and friends fished Farnley for the first time and its a long time since I’d spoken to Chris and promised he would have a great time. As it turned out their friends and family from the locality and family joined the party and all really had the most relaxing and lovely time,as an added bonus fish were caught!
We had a lunch laid on one day and here is the spread in the Lodge

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