Three Go Mad At Farnley

It was with great anticipation that Tony Rae’s gang of Roger and Norman set forth from Essex winding their way up the A1 and settling in Corbridge at the Angel. Little did they know that to the west the weather gods were up to mischief.

Tony, Norman and Barry M ready to do battle

Barry Mitchell briefed the team and with all sorts of tips encouragement and mastery of the ‘Sausage Roll’ cast it was fairly clear that the salmon would be easily fooled and sport forthcoming!
Alas the river started to misbehave and it started to rise aargh ! Fish were spotted but nothing…then as 4pm arrived bang! Norman hit a fish …relief all round , champagne …!

Norman shows the way

Day 3 ‘not again’ the bloody rain must have been falling somewhere and the river rose like a mighty tyrant even the top of beat marker was in danger of being washed away ! Sorry Lads …and thanks Roger for your lovely WhatsApp notes and pictures …your welcome back of course.

Top of Beat flood

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