Salmon “Russian Back” To Farnley

Its now late March, the rods have been restless the fishering folk(copyright soon to be adopted by all!) equivalent of stir crazy. Freezing “Beastly” conditions the tyne had ice grue yes looked like the Artic, iced mud on the tracks and a general disenchantment by all. The ruddy moles are turning the place into a war zone ,rabbits chewing all the tree bark…so frankly sod em all! However my friends in the North are optimistic they tell me its looking like things are due for a welcome change, yet still a nasty wind blowing currently but hope that nature will permit Spring to do its wonders!

Our first team hit the river a week back and managed a few days where eventually the river behaved. A beautifully mended kelt was landed by Dave assisted by Barry M followed up by a fresh sea trout on …then off ! (soft mouths OR anglers ?!).

Let me go to Greenland for Summer !

After Dave’s kelt and sea trout miss Kenny decided to concentrate stepped in and after them. He spotted a fish moving through the tail of dead tree, clearly a Fish Counter dodger! Then, sadly hit into one that was very brutal and came off, views being was a very decent fresh one and the river is very powerful there not helped by a biggish river so consolation all round dammit! The gang enjoyed their trip and are back early April. They enjoyed their time in the Golden Lion in Corbridge so I’ll suggest maybe give the place a try! Trip Advisors reviews are decent too.

This morning I’m hearing that fish are showing which is about time, the tides have been very helpful water 40 degrees F. Some rain due in the west but snow up in the hills. So all in all a proper spring for once which might help provide some welcome sport. Fish in the edges if its up, think about the warmth needed and perhaps where a salmon could warm itself. Think perhaps large patterns, gaudy and don’t be afraid to impart some movement to induce their aggression.

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