Roger’s Return

Two great teams of highly experienced salmon fishers hit the river to round of the summer. Roger N , Stephen and Hugh followed by Keith J (retiree of SportsFish fame in Theale) and his pals. Roger and gang plus the dogs were treated to a river in fine order there had been recent rain and the weather was cooler and distinctly more ‘fishy’. The lodge proved a hit and the new comforts appreciated.

The whole of day 1 proved a struggle sadly and when all seemed lost Hugh waved the net at Stephen asking if he needed help for his imaginary salmon ….seconds later ‘fish on’!. After some excitement and net waving the fish was caught a lovely grilse! The team were in a mood to celebrate , fish and chips or perhaps a Curry at the Station in Corbridge?!

Day 2 and 3 did not result in any more landings yet there were good pulls fish seen and a tremendous fish go for a fly in Pump. Hugh is someone who has fished all over the world and estimated it to be in excess of 40lb WOW !! Will this be caught someone on the upper Tyne’s !

Keith J and his friends had a great time the river had dropped and some pulls here and there. So by day three they were thinking perhaps this was not their turn. Keith had a little chat with one of our resident experts Barry N and hey presto a little later a lovely grilse! Keith mentioned he has had a very poor season so in many respects deserved his prize. Hope to see both teams again in 2019!

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