The Tyne rivals the ASR !

A Fabulous few days early September 2018 14 Salmon 1 Grilse and alongside this 11 Sea Trout !

Predictions for a successful Autumn may just be right if recent events carry on.

Ok lets stay calm its not the Kola Peninsula rather its lovely Northumberland(at a tiny fraction of the cost and none of the journey aggro  !) September fired into life with  a great push of water coming through from the South Tyne and probably somewhere in the Caribbean a few days previously. Lets finish the story ‘Its September and… three days with John M and his friends who it seemed were having some tremendous luck. The team hit the river on Monday last week were admittedly expert Tyne anglers (and understand getting up early is a good idea hint.. hint !) ,  one runs a beat on the Tyne for the owners the others have years of know how and tactical savvy. The conditions were excellent nets off at the weekend and a lovely height and colour along with a Spring Tide.

Autumn Bounty

My hopes were high that the there were a substantial amount of Salmon in the Estuary that with any good fresh water could be freed from their plight and make their lives most important journey upriver. I’d been to Wylam a few times a week earlier and witnessed fish jumping at the bridge but not a lot heading upstream and its very likely these would have slipped back into the tidal reaches to wait for fresher water.

Then it happened a big run  !! Texts just kept pinging and arriving in London with pictures of their captures and excitement abounding. Tuesday they hit the river again very early and were rewarded until a few hours passed and a large spate washed away any more fishing. I hear although I cannot confirm that there were celebrations afoot on Tuesday and they enjoyed Newcastle and all it offers! Wednesday was a repeat of Monday plenty of pulls and fish on, the fishy texts flying around , breakfast a good one in the Angel in Corbridge then back to the mayhem!! Here are some of the boys captures with only one small grilse taken all the rest were returned to fight another day and help the stocks recover well done indeed!

Carefully returned !

Well done and yes your welcome back again in 2019 to Farnley Estate Corbridge.

The huge haul was a up to 16lb estimated weight ( all credit to John Mumsey, Glyn Hall and Graham Lawson )


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