Late September salmon ahoy !

Farnley Estate Corbridge Salmon Lodge holds our catch records and the book that couldn’t lie with lots of happy entries or is it entrees !! I greedily approached the lodge a few times in September and was rewarded with a pie here a plate of this and that …..

What a spread indeed

Cracking lunches aside (if you want catering min 6 people get in touch early )

In truth we had to work for fish and for some days the river seemed dead yet the fish are definitely moving in and some lucky rods have been rewarded. Chris Porters yearly visit was a great success a good few caught including sea trout and a belter of a salmon 16lb on their last day. No pictures but a great trip.

A new team arrived in September a friend of friends here (I think most rods here seem connected in many mysterious ways its a little caring family our crazy quest for the Atlantic Salmon) Richard Rowlands his pals Dr Fred (the Tartan Terror!) who lost two in the dead tree witnessed by myself hiding on the bank really felt for him. Others included Max who got lucky Derrick and George all good fishers and already booked in for 2019! here’s a pic (Richard is on the right ):

Let the quest begin



Anthony T and Sheilas Party fared well with John and Lucy getting into them! Two small ones were kept for the table. They had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed their second trip and have booked already for 2019!!

Bet he knows a lot about this game eh!

Robert W QC had a whole week courtesy of John M’s season starting early on the Tweed (he owns Upper Caberston so time was not on his side) . Elk Robert and a team of miscreants hit the beat and had a few albeit not prolific despite their efforts . The fires burnt in the river shelter, laughter was had Peter S and Barry M joined the throng and here is one of Barry’s (excuse the photo!) Danny J shared the spoils and his team had a few also!


Dave the Elk was there all week and fresh from a shock to him and all did his sporting best only to lose a couple (dammit).More fish were forthcoming including this one again for the ‘Nicholodian’….(the cap was free apparently :)Robert W got into the act too with some fish but no pics !

and drown him !

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