First Sea Trout March 2019

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Dom’s Farnley Spring Salmon 2018

Latest news Sunday 10th March

In what were exceptionally challenging conditions with a large spate and wild weather our two intrepid Essex anglers Tony Rae and Roger French (Farnley Regulars)¬† hit the river for two days last week. Day one the river rose probably 3ft ! So the guys hit the bars of Corbridge ready for an early home on Wednesday…

needless to say the river was dropping fast on Wednesday so they headed out with spinning gear and hit all the slack water spots. Nothing seen no pulls not even a measly trout or chub! They took a late lunch warmed up in the lodge and around 4.30 Roger bagged a fresh sea run sea trout! A lovely 2lb beauty he was delighted. Well done ! Tony deserved better luck and really gave it his all, it will happen Tony 2019 could be your year fingers crossed.

Late February

We have had a fish on apparently a decent fresh one at the bottom of the beat Barry N was the lucky or unlucky fisher! It coincides with information from Phil A and his guest the day before that a fairly substantial fish was showing in their stretch. Opposite at Styford its interesting to note their rods trying their hand right at the top of their beat. This tells me that the Fish Pass is not proving a barrier and its anyone’s guest where these early sporadic runs are settling.

We are rather of the opinion (challenging some opinions) that Spring can offer world class opportunities here on the Tyne and experience of 25 years fishing here has resulted in fish in February , March and April. One can understand peoples reticence to ‘give it a go’ when the biggest runs are later in the season. One can counter this with a rather charming email from a long standing rod returning to fish early April this year . “About 15 years ago a lovely chap Stuart Rose in the Dead Tree pool tail had three fish in three casts!! A 36lb Salmon , a 21lb Salmon then ! A Sea Trout of 19lb.” You have to be in it to win it, yes Stuart is a top fisherman but he gets after them and it very patient. Where I ask you in the northern hemisphere bag a catch like that?

Early February

Its been quite the most tropical beginning to our season here in Northumberland. Reports of fish seen throughout the system and a few caught (remember its not always on Fishpal  and as time allows I will try and give you some more local information on the state of play in 2019). As the huge tides currently are running more fish will be moving in and one will guess that as these settle into pools it could be fairly good next week. With the warmth the fish will move up the system and could go a long way up river which is good news for everyone. It is also possible some sea trout will be picked up which is a lovely surprise for the intrepid spring game fisherman. The locals are apparently hitting the river this weekend so lets wish everyone good fortune and hopefully they get lucky!

In early February river came up a few feet with proper rain not snow melt and gradually dropped due to Storm Erik, the temperature is currently perfect for an early cast and this is further highlighted by some fish being seen. Its not clear yet how many came up yesterday Monday the 11th Feb but they crept up. We don’t have any early clients so no doubt some of my friends will be having a go soon. The best times tend to be late morning and later in the afternoon and from experience when the sun is out warming the pools. In past years spring fishing its tended to be the times when all the birds are calling around the river, a few little trout rising and you sense the air warming and hardly expecting anything suddenly your in !! I was lucky to witness this in early April a couple of years back, the fish refused to give up and eventually landed estimated to be 20 pounds. Barry Mitchell our casting coach and guide saw fish popping into the glide above the Willows and suggested perhaps to the students lessons were over please have a fish!!!

Salmon Course Springer On!

We have been working on a variety of projects the principal being our rebuild and repurposing of the creaky old extension. If you want to catch up on this and other estate works go to FriendsOfFarnley . We are going to rebuild some of the access points to pools, strengthen parts of the bank under wear and generally look at what can be done to improve our fishing.
The past month has been a real roller coaster as regards the weather. We enjoyed a rather warm Christmas and most of January until late in the month and early Feb the snows and deep freeze hit us for about 2 weeks. The river had grue on the margins and the lakes were well and truly frozen

I visited the estate and wisely decided to park at the top early Feb with a friend Neil. I managed to slip 3 times in spectacular fashion heading down the road meanwhile he sensibly hugged the roadside and survived the madness.


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