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We have a beautiful location for your party (team events, birthday) with our  woodland rides, scenic lakeside locations, barbecue, power supply and even a mobile bar !! So get in touch we might be able to host your event? or call 07733389474/01661843674. Highly recommended…exclusive location.

2019 Testimonials

Giants lurking !

Dom and Nick October 2019

River was lively not easy but Nick bagged a tough one and I had four properly on including a big one 15mins but it eventually shook off!!! Many Thanks to Barry and John

Graham N October 2019

Just a quick message to say thanks for everything this season. Thoroughly enjoyed your company and fishing the beat. The lodge is great warm and comfy and being close to the river so convenient.

Chris P September 2019

Thanks everything is greatly upgraded great facilities! We managed two lovely fish will be back !

Brett McG   May 2019

A Sublime setting and immersion into the country.

Tim and Chay            June 2019

Really enjoyed the trip, lodge comfortable and terrific catch ! We will be back

Dom and Nick

Great fun plenty of pulls and then a fat fantastic fighting Farnley Springer looking for more fishing please !

Bryn , Chris and Richard

Im converted ! Terrific battle in Willows but the fish just won ! Lovely place looking forward to re-run this time the salmon won’t be the winners…


3 salmon in the day  in each pool ! Great fun great location !

Testimonials 2018
George U , Will and James “Thanks for the great trip, we think you’ll agree we bagged up !!”

Danny J “Really good of you to sort out some spare fishing and the 25lb October fish rounded off the year really well, I’m off to warmer climes for the winter looking forward to next June”

Last Day Of the year !

Don F “The spring trip with Nick was brief but very successful in April! What a fight! Boy that 20lb springer gave really quite incredible, it would not give up! Definitely see you next year !”

Next Event: April 29th 2019 Salmon and Trout Association Prize Day day

We welcome the winners of the NE Salmon and Trout Association Annual Dinner to a guided day with lunches and hopefully a springer! Last year they gang had a great time with instruction and free guiding. I’ll let you know how they got on next year.

Salmon Courses In 2018 Your Testimonials

During the year we ran 3 courses on the river for Salmon improvers , beginners and many casting courses on our lakes. Your feedback has been excellent!

“Thanks Barry and John we thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days in October. Patience and kind words allied to excellent tuition meant we really could cast and to see Danny hook and land a 25Lb Salmon was truly thrilling” Sarah T

“Tom my son managed to hook a real salmon ! Sadly it got off but he is a convert it was his first time salmon fishing with his Dad and we are both coming back in 2019 in June !” Neil C

“The three brothers had never fly fished before but Barry did an excellent job they were addicted so much so we had to haul them from the waters for lunch. John provided a lovely lunch with all the trimmings” Rebecca S

August 2017 Ladies and beginners day

The day was a real success so watch out for more in 2018! Happy faces all day . The car park was brimming full , the salmon hut a hive of activity. Phil Adams a fine host and yours truly sneaked down to spy on the parties riverside.

This event was run by the Northumbria Branch of Salmon and Trout Conservation UK.

August 2017 Estate Party and Barbecue

We are greatly indebted to the many kind people who work, help encourage cajole behind the scenes to make the place what it is.
At an annual event we host an evening to show our deep gratitude to these people. The investment and quantity of work that was carried out in 2016-17 is quite unbelievable. We are going top continue in 2018 and we hope all our visitors will get more pleasure as a result.
The magnificent team roll call includes :

Ian Scott – Landscape construction projects and Fishing consulting,heavy plant and vision.
Mike Tiffin – Woodcraft and refurbishment
Barry Mitchell – Casting and Guiding
Alan Austin – Construction
Barry Nichol – Wildlife protection and all round angling guru
John Teasdale – The Shoot and maintenance
Richard and Declan – Lake Weed Team , really dangerous refurbishments and the eco bog!
James Else – Woodburning Stoves
Fifey – Heavy Forestry and log master
Oscar – Decorating , Maintenance and Weed Master!
Julia Rogers – For putting up with her ‘know it all son’ !
Big Peter – Marine Master helping bring the lakes back to life
John – Fisherman of Farnley (thanks Decca!)
Alan the Gardener – You see it he’ll strim it
Eddie – Maintenance and care of our cabins plus advisory services to John R
Decca – Painting and maintenance
Danny J – Quality Manager and Top Angler
Charles J – Owner Master Engineer and designer of all things useful for us and banker for Jr’s constant equipment needs!
Ken H – Owner Top Salmon Host and Estate Elder Statesman
Juliette J-Artist Extraordinaire
Dr Phil Adams- Our lovely neighbour
Josh – Lake Weeding Guru
John H – Estate Philosopher
We are now currently arranging 2018 events for new clients

Do you have an idea of an exclusive event you’d like to host at Farnley Estate ? Afternoon tea , barbeque , outdoor adventures….please contact the Estate Office:

Please note we need good notice to arrange and we only cater for small parties in order to keep the ambience and tranquillity of the Estate.

Salmon Tuition Day