Farnley Estate Tyne Salmon Improvements 2018

Winter 2018


Farnley Estate Tyne Salmon Improvements 2018

Its been a long hard winter. The gang took up many challenges which we felt as owners were needed to improve the experience for you our guests in the years ahead.

Summer 2017 Farnley Estate Improvments

May & June  2017




Work on many fronts


We have been very fortunate to be helped by Mike Tiffin and his friends the trout cabin is now watertight , decorated and externally completely refurbished ! The are around is being landscaped and seeded plus other developments to be completed in due course!

More pictures in due course , its now fully painted and seeding and general tidy up happening.

Lake Weeding

In June we set out to really slay a large area to the east beyond our central island. After a week of tremendous progress and many thanks to Barry Nichol and Richard Guppy (if your looking for a top class London or North based Chartered Accountant get in touch) . Testament to this we are now seeing more wildlife , better fly life and fish are moving in greater numbers with a great ripple down the lake.

Salmon Lodge Final Coats

After a very wet period in spring we had a chance to get a quality undercoat on then at last the much discussed sage final coats. Alan did a great job carefully applying the coats and everyone is commenting how splendid it all looks. We have the front room to decorate and the floor to be laid now so upward and onward.

Eco Toilet

We looked around to understand the potential solutions for provisioning a suitable toilet for our guests and missed the boat for some early guests. Not wanting a cess pit we found an excellent solution from Natsol and duly ordered the kit .After reading the instructions we set to work . The design was implemented in three stages. Firstly a pit for the container and decking built exactly to the required template thanks here to Mike Tiffin and Alan Austin . The next step a vent stack  groundworks and soil soakaway. We then built an interior surround and supplied all the materials for the operation. The system works excellently and I can testify it beats using the land with privacy and a good level of comfort ...oh and importantly is environmentally sound.




Spring 2017

Despite very challenging conditions a great deal of activity had been taking place which will improve everyone's enjoyment of the Estate. Lets start with the tidy up after the bridge and canal installation. Here a great area for wildlife had too many dangerous trees and undergrowth that were just taking over the waterways and we felt the need to reconnect the lagoon to the main lake in another location. The testament now are the lovely fish swimming through the new opening and light flooding in which will improve fly life , bird life and native water plants will return.

John and Alan got stuck in and the area is looking most pristine. Fifey has stacked chopped and stored the wood and the bridge is very securely in place in case the Tyne breaches the lakes again.

Ian S and Alan installed a lovely gate and fence next to the right of way which will help the privacy for ourselves and our paying guests. Barry N has been working on improvements also.

The lodge was in great need of some serious TLC and a plan was hatched to do the job as professionally as possible to a budget.