Fishing Instruction Salmon and Trout on the Tyne

Do you think perhaps there is nothing more to know about fly fishing? Nothing could be further from the truth its about improving out knowledge and technique and thinking where the sport needs to go to get new people addicted ! Farnley Estate friends feel we are a very  lucky generation and that we should also be doing our best to get our children and friends children away from the dreaded screens and outdoors. Farnley has already run some great part day trout fly fishing courses near the Tyne. These courses offer the young aspiring fly fishers a real chance of catching a fish and getting to know casting and what fly fishing is about. We would love to hear from you if you have a group perhaps a birthday or just fancy a fun day out trying something new all ages are welcome and its not just for men!


We are lucky to have a local and highly experienced instructor and guide available. Barry is getting to know our lovely Estate and the people and is fishing the beat learning its secrets from people who have fished it for up to 50 years! All this know how can improve your chances so we highly recommend contacting him on 07979023301. This is Barry with a lucky party in April , one of the guys had a brilliant fight with a 18lb cock springer. We have had little activity in April so who knows what might have happened if we had more activity.

You can check out his brand new magnificent site here : See what Barry can offer !

Barry Mitchell is based nearby and has fished the Tyne and tributaries as well as Border rivers successfully. He specialises in Spey styles including Scandi and Skagit and can guide on the beat, he has other highly experienced local guides to hand should they be needed at short notice. Barry is very active in GAIA and IFFF and therefore always keeping abreast of the latest techniques.


The lucky chap who landed the fish is another great friend of ours Graeme Edwards who runs a brilliant local tackle and shooting business minutes away in Hexham and online. Check his site out here and the video of his fight !


Barry is a very easy going chap and can help the most experienced to the novice really enjoy their day with no pressure and perhaps increase their chances. Barry ties his own flies and carries his own boxes of extensive flies that are the result of many many years of local knowledge.

Barry can be contacted on

Barry helping the next generation