Our various lakes and lagoons cover some 15 acres and are a genuine joy to behold. They are a great place to stand and relax take pictures, bird watch and even paint. If you want peace comfort and decent friends come see what we can offer.
We have a Trout syndicate which helps care for the lake its fly life and ecology which means the fish have a healthy life. There are places available for 2019 but only on the basis of the Estate meeting applicants and ensuring that our existing members remain happy please call myself John on 07733389474, Barry on 07979023301 or Alan Reid 07873185989 for the grand tour and bring a rod !! We are offering a special £300 fee in 2019 so don’t delay catch and release!
We use the countries best trout stockist Bob Booth additionally the EA gave our lakes an excellent report as regards the quality of the environment. Our abundant fly life is more south of England than NE , in January whilst weed clearing the sheer quantity of corixia they were like diamonds in the water quite a sight.
The fish are truly beautiful we offer catch and release and allow rods to take a fish whenever they fancy something for the barbecue or perhaps to smoke.

To enquire contact us here :

We have some excellent areas to fish with platforms and some boats available. We ensure fishing areas are weed free but keep enough in place for cover from predators. Its an ongoing effort but rest assured were onto it.