Farnley Estate Salmon Fishing

Another great Farnley day

2018 was dry and hot but a  pretty good season all things considered (83 Salmon 30+ Seat Trout) our existing clients are keen to go again in 2019. We still have some spaces from March to end of June 2019 don’t delay. Call or email now to find out what spaces we have 07733389474 John R office@farnleyestate.co.uk

The fishing is arranged in 3 day lets (some lucky people take the full 6 for their friends !)  and its a 3 rod salmon beat as a full let.Farnley Estate encourage fly fishing and its really very good fly water! Our prices range from £600-£900 (2019 example prices) for a let shared between 3 fishers. The pools are generally easy wading but bring a stick, life preserver and a net large enough for big salmon (PLEASE !! We have seen so many large fish lost over the years because of people not owning a proper SALMON NET with a deep net bag and large net bow ! take note ) , the average fish weights on the Tyne are probably the best in the UK so remember salmon are not shy do not fish light. Please also buy GOOD QUALITY hooks we have had many big fish lost over the years with bent doubles and trebles. The beat regularly produced 30lb fish and yes that is a fish of a lifetime!

If you are a new client we ask that as least day 1 you use our excellent and friendly guide Barry Mitchell to understand the beat and flies, he is local his fee very reasonable and we always get very positive feedback. Barry can be contacted on 07979023301.Even as a very able angler I find having a guide provides company, extends your knowledge and especially as we are getting older a pair of eyes to watch over us because salmon fishing is a challenging sport when conditions change.
Barry’s casting tuition and our courses come highly recommended and we say that these will greatly improve your visit’s enjoyment, so please us about this.

There are sometimes rare day lets, these are always short notice allowing a two week window look ahead , please note for a day let a guide or owner will be present this is mandatory and for a minimum of 2 rods.

If you are interested just call 07733389474 John R or drop us a mail on office@farnleyestate.co.uk and we will see what is available in our diary. Please be aware demand is very high on the main Tyne and the beat is quite well known so don’t delay, please note we don’t permit booking the beat through any third parties.

A deposit of £200 secures your let and we can arrange refreshments, Taxi , guides and barbeques if needed, we have arranged these successfully in the past and all we ask is give us good notice! If the river is flooded or bone dry we can offer fishing on the lakes , we may even be able to put on some clays if the fancy takes you, again give us good notice.