The Last Days Of May

The weather did not favour our visitors generally in May and increasingly the river dropped and algae began to blight the bottom. Certainly we had some heavy rainfalls and lifts and Kielder did allow some fresh fish in.
We really enjoyed Bryn’s team visit in early May they were new to the beat and a bit rusty and with one member of the team Richard learning the crafts ! Chris had a couple of fun days and left the youngsters to it who were assisted by me and Barry Nichol in various aspects of the craft! Things were looking up as fish were seen and on his last day Bryn had a fabulous tussle in the Willow Pool and the fish decided to run at him and off! All very exciting and as he said ‘I’m converted!”.

Richard at twelve o clock !

Welcome indeed boys and we really look forward to seeing you in October!
John and Graham popped up for a go and had a couple of days on the beat, fish were about and water was ok but nothing doing. In the middle of May two new faces arrived for a week at the Lodge Roger B and Eddie P. We had a few unfinished jobs on the extension so their rest was interrupted a few days from ‘The Friends Of Farnley’. Sorry lads but they had a relaxing time chilling out with the estate virtually to themselves! Bit of Kielder came in and as such we saw some sea trout some decent salmon around and they got up early to increase their chances. As it happened on day 2 Roger got into one in the Willows and he was very philosophical about the loss good on him.
They enjoyed their days of ‘Banter Tennis’ plus a few drinks and enjoyed a spot of lake fishing with at least one lovely brownie making it worthwhile.
On Friday the heavens opened and it looked like the river was lifting I think the boys were tired and Saturday they left early. So in pouring rain I had to give it a go and yes lost a beauty a real good on my drag refused to operate and with icy rocks underneath and wellies it won the battle. I knew there were fish about so kept going although becoming saturated and a 3lb sea trout was the happy result with ten minutes later in the exact same hole a Salmon of 5lb ish. Phone was drowned and screen loosened so no pics.
Next up the Kenny and Dave show! Plans were made and they fished carefully as the river had really dropped sadly. Robert W joined the party and fish did show and some were seen in the shadows in pairs hiding from the overhead conditions. In reality it was a struggle against the elements sadly, good stories and friendships renewed but no salmon!
Martin H and his partner hit the river on the 23rd for two days but the drought continued and sun beat down, you can guess the rest….

The brother McGregor and Dr Malcom hit the river and day 1 things were poor but the rains came ! Hooray possibly due to rising conditions nothing doing and also Malcom was incapacitated seriously (good luck and safe recovery). Brett headed south midday and I phoned Barry Mitchell. Told him the guys said fish were running and Barry struck into a sea liced 8lb corker !!

Barry has a tremendous tussle 8lb sea licer

He was convinced the fish was a large sea trout due to its aggressive fight!
We had a new rod on the river on Thursday Kevin S and he initially didn’t get a touch then ventured back in and caught a lovely 12lb fresh run one that looked straight from the sea !

From the waves of the North Sea

As of today the river is up and very big !!! So no fishing but looking very very hot prospect wise for June !!

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 ?

Lets pray for bumper runs this year
For no more nets let’s cheer
Take your chums to Farnley
And join the happy army !

Get that fire on !

Time again to hit the river with your fishing stick c’est fantastique. Anyway enough of the musical asides its time to get ready as the season starts on the 1st of February. Could this be a good early start? Its been a few years since reliable spring catches tempted us to put the effort in. Lets take a stroll down to the river and look hard as you may find something you least expect.
A week ago whilst helping get the new lodge block build started I took some time to walk with some friends and sit enjoying the benign weather and sunshine.Robert a very keen and expert rod came to survey proceedings and suggested a wander around with Fidget his naughty dog.

As we wandered to the pump section and down into the hut pool a bright silver fish came clean out half way out of the river and near the old willow. It was fat and silver could have been a kelt, baggot or maybe a clean fish, nevertheless exciting to see and cheered me up. Things got a bit more interesting a few days after, a good friend David came down with a lovely bottle of sauvignon ‘Goldwater’ after his family name ! We sat on the bench in magnificent sunshine, midges in the air and the river looking superb. After a glass or two David a non fisher pointed across the river and said is that a salmon John ? I spun round and a nice grilse or sea trout bounced up and through the top of the hut pool and on its way. Early January ! My experiences in my teens on the lower Tweed talking to the experienced netsmen and anglers (Hugh Falkus occasionally fished the water so knew a bit about the habits of salmon) were that salmon will run all the year round depending on all the known factors of tide heights, water temperature and sea state. Hopefully as this winter has been pretty calm and only a biggish lift at the end of November its more likely fish will creep in rather than years a big waters and extreme weather.

My close friends are planning some early trips assuming that no long icy weather comes, also Barry our brilliant guide and Barry our local expert and all round fly guru will be testing some patterns on the waters to see if beyond the inevitable kelts and chub they can pick up a fresh fish. We will keep you posted !
Meanwhile get in touch about fishing for this year spaces still up to the end of June and salmon courses in April and May ! 2018 courses were really successful with great feedback.