Weed Clearing For Lakes Northumberland

We have mechanised equipment and the knowledge to help you control this seasonal menace.
The warmer winters alongside the overuse of farmland nitrates mean its a problem that all owners of waterways are having to tackle. It can be very dispiriting to invest in that dream lake and watch the weeds clog up any flow and potentially deoxygenate it.

Lake Weed Clearing 2018

Over 15 acres of hard fought experience gives us the real edge on how to tackle this dispiriting problem that can stop your fishing or spoil the enjoyment of your tranquil waters. We come supplied with terrific boats and all manner of equipment to make quick progress on your waters if its large scale. We don’t just offer cutting but can get to the bottom of the issue and take it out by the roots! If yours is a smaller lake we can use less intrusive means to remove with lighter equipment and boats, ensuring you preserve the surrounding vegetation. We can also perform lakeside clearing to open up areas and have built some lovely platforms for clients to fish from or just create a lovely vantage point.
Please contact us if you need help and if we can organise for your lake we will! We run our own estate so always have something to do !  My nephew below Jack Rogers showing how its done.
contact the estate office now for availability : office@farnleyestate.co.uk