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Salmon Fishing

The Estate provides secluded and productive salmon fishing on the main river Tyne. The stretch is about 8/10ths of a mile with three main pools the Hut , Dead Tree and Willows and in between these some water that can provide fish for the keen salmon angler.

The river Tyne also has an excellent head of coarse fish which the owners and their friends have a lot of fun on the closed season for game fishing on the Tyne.

We have three lakes , the Lagoon , The Big Lake and our stalking lake each one providing a very relaxing time for our guests, there is not need for casts to the far bank nor large flies!

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Clay Pigeons

We are meeting with a local group of keen clay pigeon enthusiasts to provide an exciting series of events in 2017.

Breakfast , lunch and refreshments will be provided and some prizes !

Thanks Barry N.

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We are very well connected to local businesses and are happy to support them.
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The Magnificent Tyne

The Tyne ends its journey flowing into the North Sea sitting majestically between Tynemouth Pier and South Shields overlooked by the atmospheric Tynemouth Abbey and the Castle. Just upriver the monument of Lord Collingwood surveying the seas flanked by 4 great cannons. What stories can this ancient river tell of this great place 'Northumbria' from coals, heavy engineering, Romans and Scottish invasion and the many songs that celebrate it ? The Normans wreaked revenge on the native population as the last to fall and hence the Norman legacy remains in terms of castles and people descended from the invasion. The Border Reivers used the Tyne to track their enemies, hide out and generally wreak havoc. 

The Tyne begins its life on the Scottish border in wild lands and fed by many tributaries from Cumbria to the North Pennines. The character of the river is ever changing some peat stained branches whilst other are crystal clear and abundant in fly life. The South Tyne rises from Alston Moor and flows through ancient woodlands and beautiful valleys and is rightly famous for its Sea Trout runs and when the rivers rise the Salmon too. Its tributaries the River Allen and Nent are jewels that are carefully looked after by local fishermen and others. The North Tyne and Rede are darker more like the famous Brown Ale and come from the hauntingly beautiful and remote valleys of north Northumberland. The Army has operated in the hills and moors nearby for centuries and perhaps allowed the wildlife to remain undisturbed and the streams left to run clean.

The rivers converge at Warden a few miles upstream of Farnley Estate at a place called 'Waters Meet' near Hexham and it is said that locals can tell the Salmon and Sea Trout from each system.

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