Farnley Estate Riding Mill Salmon Fishing

"Days by the side of the fast flowing Tyne"
William Gill Thompson

Welcome to Farnley Estate Riding Mill Tyne Salmon Fishing Contact Number 01434314004

Farnley Estate Riding Mill is a very special place for our salmon fishers. Every season we welcome regular friends and new faces some from across the world in their quest to catch an Atlantic salmon or a splendid powerful Tyne sea-trout.
Last season we had some absolutely brilliant fish these specimens were recorded :
October 20lb 18lb
September 20lb 22lb
August 3 of 17lb
July one 20 plus and two of 20lb

In 2023 given we had a write off June with incredible heat and rains that never abated in July onward (its still very very wet up there as we welcome in 2024) so we had over 60 Salmon 22 Sea Trout recorded(updated late Jan) We aim to generally catch upwards of eighty salmon so last year was a blip with many days lost due to coloured and high river conditions.
In 2023 the runs were good referenced by our observations low down on the Tyne, we just hope 2024 will be helpful to you all in your quest!
As of early 2024 we are currently looking at existing bookings and we have availability in April, May and June. All months where fish can be had and runs are recorded daily for salmon and sea trout. Why not get in touch we are fairly priced and the fishing is on great fly water in a very private location. Please don't leave it too late as we are getting interest currently. Typically our guests take a couple of lets and as people drop out they can be assured of spots in late summer and autumn.

Email office@farnleyestate.co.uk

Early in the season Tyne springers are legendary big shouldered fish and good takers do why travel huge distances north when the Tyne is a few hours away and its runs are holding up well. Fishing for these early fish requires patience and persistence watching the likely lies for upstream movement, runs are generally half a dozen a day moving to 15 average in May and can linger in the beat (we get good regular information from the EA Tyne Scientist on the counter which as luck would have it is currently broken!!)
We have witnessed quite a few lost after long long battles (you are warned)especially in the Spring when they seem to have incredible power and energy levels they don't give up.
The beat has had some whoppers over the years some up to 36lb and a 19lb Sea Trout by one of the earlier owners, twenties are by no means unusual here and mostly they are in teens with grilse around in June, July and a few in August. We have only been fairly lightly fished in the past 3 springs.
Additionally if you are after a great guide or need a few hours getting the casting sorted then contact us via email or contact Barry our terrific guide and casting instructor on 07979023301. OR the Office on 01434314004 Or Email office@farnleyestate.co.uk Barry can teach from scratch so if you have a friend that is interested in giving this sport a try please let us know? Younger fishers are especially welcome !

A Tyne Spring Salmon

On our stunning well stocked lakes we welcome local people to our small and friendly syndicate. We have two main owner lakes which might interest the visiting angler? The lakes can be let with our lodge which is very popular with visiting salmon rods but slots are potentially available.
We are also helping people new and to help them start fly fishing we work hard to keep the future of fly fishing alive and vibrant introducing youngsters, ladies and gentlemen of all ages to this engrossing pastime.


Please spend a little time to explore Farnley Estate Riding Mill here on our pages or just call and get Barry our terrific guide and FFI casting instructor on 07979023301.

We are close to road, rail and air links. From London a five hour drive , 3 hours on the train Kings Cross to Newcastle Central and an hour from Heathrow or other UK airports to Newcastle (Bristol, Gatwick , Southampton), from Europe: Paris , Amsterdam and Brussels , Barcelona  . We are only then a 25min drive due west from Newcastle Upon Tyne on the A68 , our proximity to the Roman Wall means we are in an area steeped in history and beauty with great places to stay with really friendly Northumbrian people great food and accommodation. So an ideal place to take a non fishing partner stop in our lodge and let them go and explore!

Farnley Estate Riding Mill  is a stunning place to make new friends and enjoy peaceful surroundings! Enjoy our tranquil world tucked away in our own secret valley on the River Tyne.

Contact us by email providing a name and number and good time to call you and we will respond within 24 hours : office@farnleyestate.co.uk
Once you've made contact a human being will listen to your requirements and hopefully be able to help !

We look forward to hearing from you,

We wish you always great fishing and great friends